Downing Park Greenhouse

The Downing Park Greenhouse is shaped by passive design principles that help to maintain a year-round temperate growing environment with minimal reliance on fossil fuels. Along these lines, the building’s north-facing mass wall is built of rammed earth with a black bio-char finish that captures and stores the low rays of the winter sun. At night, this solar energy is radiated back into the greenhouse as heat. In the summer, operable windows enhance cross ventilation, while climbing vines provide partial shade on the southern exposure.

Located in Downing Park in Newburgh, New York the passive greenhouse is part of a local initiative to unite people around healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. In addition to growing produce year-round, it will also provide classroom spaces for hands-on learning and community engagement.

Program: Greenhouse and Community Center
Location: Newburgh, NY
Team: Andre Guimond, Evan Erlebacher, Harry Lam, Emily Gruendel, Caleb White
Status: Proposal
Year: 2016